Cleaning Agreement

Rush Center Clean-up Procedures

After each use of the Rush Center these procedures must be followed in order for continued use of our center.

Clean all surfaces used-wipe them down with a Clorox wipe or with a paper towel and  cleaner.

  • This includes all sinks,  tables, counters, and bathroom surfaces
  • Cleaners can be found under every sink and in all bathrooms.

Put ALL tables and chairs back into the closet.

  • Event Room specific. Only two stacks of chairs may be left out in the room
  • Chairs must be stacked 9 high on the rollers.

ALL trash and recycling bins you use must be emptied

  • This includes the bathrooms.
  • This also includes the kitchen trash.
  • Trash and recycling must be taken out to the dumpsters.
  • A new bag must be put in the back in each bin
    • These can be found under the kitchen sinks with the cleaning supplies
  • All dishes used must be washed and put away in the same spot that you found them.
  • Sweep the floor if needed
  • If used, the microwave must be wiped out.
  • All food and resources used must be thrown away or taken home.
  • If you have shelf space at the Rush Center you must make sure your shelf is tidy and that all of your resources fit on your designated shelf space.
  • All lights must be turned off
  • All AV equipment must be turned off
  • All doors must be locked
  • Unless you have a key agreement, your key must be returned within a week

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