Cleaning Fees

Click here for a copy of our Cleaning Checklist


After each use of the Rush Center these procedures must be followed in order for continued use of our center.  Any reservations on our calendar that fail to complete the cleaning policies for the facilities will be subject to loss of their $100.00 cleaning deposit.  For more information, please refer to the Rush Center Facility Rental Agreement for more thorough information about the cleaning deposit.

Clean all surfaces used-wipe them down with a Clorox wipe or with a paper towel and surface cleaner.

  • This includes all sinks, tables, appliances, kitchen counter-tops, and bathroom surfaces.
  • Cleaning supplies can be found in the kitchen AND on the cleaning cart inside the table and chair storage area.

Put ALL tables and chairs back into their storage closet.

  • All rectangular tables must be appropriately stacked on their dolly and placed on the back middle wall of the closet.
  • All round tables must be appropriately stacked on their dolly and placed on the left side of the closet.
  • All folding chairs must be stacked uniformly so that they are secure on their rolling dollies.  Chairs not stacked in the same direction will not be locked in to one another, making the stack unstable.  For everyone’s safety, please ensure that all folding chairs are secure before rolling their dollies to the right side of the storage closet.

ALL trash bins must be emptied

  • This includes both bathroom trash cans.
  • If there is any food or beverages in the lobby trash cans it must be emptied before leaving.
  • All trash must be taken out to the dumpsters before leaving the facilities.
  • Since we provide all trash bags and cleaning cleaning supplies, please put a new trash bag back in each bin.

All floors must be swept and/or vacuumed.

All spills/sticky spots must be spot cleaned and/or mopped.

All lights must be turned off.

All AV equipment and monitors must be turned off.

All external doors must be locked!


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