Rush Center Pricing

As of January 2018, we are no longer offering reservations and/or rentals for private events and for-profit organizations.  Only if you are a non-profit organization and holding an event for your non-profit, then you are able to rent our facilities for your programming or event. You must be able to prove your non-profit status by submitting either a copy of either a W-9 or E.I.N. number.

Each room is priced at a flat rate of $25.00 per hour.  There is a minimum of two-hours for each rental timeline and additional 1/2 hour increments are not allowed.

All reservations require an additional $100.00 cleaning deposit to be left on file during your rental.  This deposit is completely refundable, pending the space and/or equipment are not damaged during your reservation.



Our Rental Rates for each individual room are:


2 hour rental- $50.00

3 hour rental- $75.00

4 hour rental- $100.00

5 hour rental- $125.00

6 hour rental- $150.00

7 hour rental- $175.00

8 hour rental- $200.00


For rentals over timeframes of 8 hours, please contact for availability.


For larger events, it is possible to rent the entire Annex Building.  Do so will ensure that you will be the only group/organization that has access to the spaces within the Annex Building during your rental time.  The rental of the Annex Building includes the Event Room, the Conference Room, the Training Room, the lobby, the kitchen, and two gender-neutral restrooms. (See picture below for layout of the Annex Building).

Our Rate for the entire Annex building is $75.00/hour for the duration of your reservation timeline.

Annex Layout


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