All reservations require an additional $100.00 cleaning deposit to be left on file during your rental.  This deposit is completely refundable, pending the space and/or equipment are not damaged during your reservation.



Standard Rental Rate is $25.00/hour per room,

2 hour rental- $50.00

3 hour rental- $75.00

4 hour rental- $100.00

5 hour rental- $125.00

6 hour rental- $150.00

7 hour rental- $175.00

8 hour rental- $200.00


Rental Rate for the Annex Building is $75.00/hour.

For exclusive use of the facility during your reservation, you will need to reserve the entire Annex Building.  This is the only way that we can ensure that you will be the only group/organization that has access to the Annex Building during your rental timeline.  Rental of the Annex Building includes the Event Room, Conference Room, Training Room, lobby, kitchen, and two gender-neutral restrooms.


PLEASE NOTE: If you would like a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening reservation in the Event Room we strongly recommend inquiring at least three months in advance. If you would like to rent the entire Annex building (The Event Room, The Conference Room, and The Training Room) for Saturday or Sunday, we recommend that you inquire at least five months in advance to ensure that we have availability on our calendar.


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